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CukoRakko could not happen without the support of our volunteers! Be a part of our crew and earn a super-discounted ticket as well as gain an incredible behind the scenes experience!

Interested in helping make the CukoRakko world go round? Please complete the contact form below, including any questions you may have, and cite “Volunteer” in the subject box. The Volunteer Coordinator will follow up with you soon afterwards.

We are looking for high quality products, either handmade or unique and beautiful. Artisans and crafts people are highly encouraged to apply. Food booth selection will be based on affordable and creative menus. We try not to duplicate craft or food booths. If you were selected as a vendor last year it does not guarantee your acceptance this year.

Please apply using the form at the bottom of this page.

Sponsorship opportunities to partner with Alabama’s premiere music festival begin with benefits increasing as the level of sponsorship increases. Regardless of the sponsorship level you select, the festival’s staff will be pleased to work with you in creating an integrated sponsorship program designed to meet your organization’s unique marketing objectives. We are here to customize options and experiences to your needs.

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